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2K Sports' MLB 2K9 Coming In March.

March brings all things baseball. God I love the spring time!

Spring is almost here and that means the great American past time is about to begin. With the Super Bowl behind us, we can now concentrate on the sweet sounds of bats cracking, or is that sunflower seeds? Nevertheless, baseball is here and there is no better way to get into the spirit, other than actually being at the game, than to play as your favorite baseball team.

2K Sports' MLB 2K9, coming out March 3rd, does just that. It harnesses the authenticity of the game and let's you manage the franchise. The game will feature living rosters, franchise mode, and more signature styles (how each player approaches the plate; view video below for more). The graphics are still top notch, as the attention to detail didn't miss a beat. MLB 2K9 will be coming out for all of the consoles including the PC and PSP (PlayStation Portable).

Link: MLB 2K9 Trailer

Source: MLB 2K9 Official Site | Pre-Order Here | Team Xbox

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