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COD: World at War

NEW!! Multiplayer videos!!

Yeah, I'm getting pretty psyched for this game and after watching the multiplayer videos, I've decided this is a must buy for me.

These videos basically show how the multiplayer aspect of the game will look like, which is very similar to COD4: Modern Warfare. For example, you still have the map in the upper left hand corner that shows your team and enemy positions. It also has the compass at the bottom as well as the score keeper at the bottom left corner.

From what I saw on the vids the scoring is still 10 points a kill and 2 for assists. You still have enemy recon planes, after three kills in a row, but two things have changed in WAW versus Modern Warfare. After you acquire 5 kills in a row you get an artillery strike, as opposed to the air strike. With 7 kills in a row you get a pack of dogs that are released on your enemies instead of the helicopter. Not having the air strike is no big deal, but I'm going to miss getting those helicopter supports.

Check out the videos for yourself below.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Links: Official COD Website | IGN Entertainment

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