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Redlasso Succumbs to Greedy Networks

All of sudden, Redlasso videos are not working anymore and it's not a technical glitch.

The reason is much more sinister. Apparently, the big three media outlets - NBC, FOX, and CBS -- are up in arms about the idea of a website streaming video and allowing users to clip and share these video segments. They are claiming that, "Redlasso has broken state and federal laws" while causing the companies, "serious and irreparable harm."

Sounds like it's more of a greed problem than anything else.

Redlasso, the video website that streams video so users can make clips of news footage of his or her choice, has been ordered to shut down the beta site until after legal action. The company, based out of King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, is, of course, disappointed with the outcome, but Ken Hayword, the CEO of Redlasso.com, remains optimistic, "We plan to continue our conversations with all content providers during this usage suspension, with the goal of establishing formal partnerships that will be beneficial to the content owners and blogging community."

I used this website a lot for my blogging pleasure and I've seen the clips just about every blog site out there; unfortunately, it will all come to a stop.

This is all people see when they hit play on Redlasso videos now.

What I don't understand is, what is the difference in recording live TV from my computer, clipping and uploading it, so I can post it to a blog, or just clipping it from the Redlasso site? In both instances you record live TV, then clip the part one wants, and upload it to the video server of the users choice. Could it be that if I did such a thing on my small site hardly anyone would see it? But since Redlasso has become such a hit, "the big three" are just jealous and want a piece of the pie. Perhaps, they are just green with envy.

This is truly disappointing, as I am a huge FOX fan, but hopefully this situation will be resolved soon. I miss Redlasso already and finding video coverage has been more work than ever since their site has been shut down by greedy, elitist companies.

Sources: Techcrunch.com | Reuters.com | Redlasso.com's Press Release

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Comments (2)

The difference, presumably,... (Below threshold)

The difference, presumably, is that Red Lasso is a large commercial enterprise profiting, almost entirely, from providing pirated video clips owned by others. Bloggers, especially more successful ones, typically provide some value added commentary and thus transform the work in a meaningful way.

Red Lasso never profited fr... (Below threshold)
Lasso Fan Too:

Red Lasso never profited from anything, other than people diggin the site. There were no ads, they didnt charge for the service, and it was password protected too (not really a consumer site, more of a service). From what I read on the site, the hope was to get content parterships... THEN serve ads, and even hopefully share it with us bloggers. The site was incredible, and i hope it comes back.